Wills, Trusts, Estates & Probate

Death, like taxes, is unavoidable. Despite this, it's better for all parties involved if it is planned for properly. Accordingly, our firm can guide you through the planning process and ensure that the proper instruments are in place to avoid unnecessary federal estate taxes, confusion and drama by loved ones after death, and potential guardianship issues for your children. In the event that such issues were not avoided, we can help deal with the issues and ensure that you are on track to resolution.

From complex wills and trusts to the most basic of estate planning needs, our firm can provide the individual attention and service you need to get the results you desire. Our firm is experienced in preparing all the documents necessary to ensure that your wishes are carried out and your loved ones have little to worry about.

As prominent news stories and television drama have illustrated, the lack of living wills and health directives can cause problems for family members that don't know your true intentions when it comes to certain medical situations. The most famous example of the expenses, conflict, and heartache that can occur is the case of Terri Schiavo. Despite the Georgia legislature's attempt at making it easier to enact advance directives for health care, it can be somewhat complicated. Our firm can help explain the nuances and help get you a set of provisions that avoids these issues for loved ones and ensures your wishes are carried out.

Depending on the level of estate planning prior to death, probate proceedings can be very complicated and cause a great deal of angst. While current legislation may have been designed to provide benefits to loved ones after death, amendments since the writing of the will can change the outcome of what was intended and require professional legal expertise to sort it all out. We handle all types of probate proceedings, including will contests and estate disputes, as well as estate administration.