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Workers' Comp Subrogation in Auto Accident

Case Study – Workers’ Comp & Auto Accidents

Where an employer failed to carry its burden of showing that the combination of workers’ compensation benefits and a personal injury claim settlement fully and completely compensated an injured person for injuries sustained in an auto accident, a trial court’s ruling that the employer was not entitled to recover on its subrogation lien for the workers’ compensation benefits paid was affirmed.

The Charges:

Employer's Workers' Comp Carrier Entitled to Recover on Injured Party's Damages from Auto Accident

The Verdict:

Employer not entitled to recover when it failed to meet the burden of showing that the injured party was fully compensated.

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"....I never thought this was going to happen to me in my life.  It was a very scary scenario for me.  Even beginning the process was very frightening!  But you took me by the hand and led me through it all.   I am so grateful for you and look where I am now - I'm on the other side!..." 


" Dear Samantha and Girls, The past year, for me, has be a heart wrenching one.  I cannot thank you enough for your care, understanding, support and hard work."


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"I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me through this court case.  Thank you for your dedication to your clients."


"I just wanted you to know that I am so grateful.  You are absolutely the best attorney.  You know your stuff and the best thing about you is that you care.   You truly care about your clients.  Thank you all so much for the work put into my case.  I am very thankful to have had all of you on my side."

"Minor in which Samantha served as Guardian Ad Litem"

"Thanks so much! It means a lot know someone cares and actually supports the decisions I'm making to better myself.  I will continue to progress!"